Research & Development

Knowledge, experience
and versatility are
the key words


From the beginning of Vitrex Medical, the “locomotive” in the development of the company has been the production facilities in Denmark. And in accordance with our philosophy these facilities, as well as R&D, will remain in Denmark, supplemented by a worldwide network of selected production partners and sub-suppliers.

Our products are designed and developed by our own engineers and built by our own technicians. The equipment and technologies for manufacturing our products are highly specialized and state of the art.

In addition to the comprehensive, standardized range of products, we have developed a large variety of specialized products, i.e. high precision volumetric pipettes, pulling pipettes for a.o. gene-manipulation, and a variety of other highly specialized glass tubes.

The vast varieties of experience gather from more than 40 years of developing products within our field makes us an attractive and versatile partner in development and business.