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Vitrex Capillary tubes
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Vitrex Capillary Tubes

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Click here to view the Vitrex Micro Haematocrit Tubes   Vitrex Micro Haematocrit Tubes

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  Vitrex End-to-End Pipettes

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  Vitrex Precalibrated Pipettes

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  Vitrex Blood Gas Tubes

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  Vitrex Capillary & Melting Point Tubes

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    Vitrex Mylar Wrap Haematocrit Tubes

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  Vitrex Filter Volume Capillary Tubes
Vitrex Plastic Bulb Dispenser

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    Vitrex Self-Sealing Haematocrit Tubes
Vitrex Self-Sealing Tube Dispenser

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  Vitrex Pipette Fixed

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    Vitrex Capillary Dispenser

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