About Us

50 years as a market leading medical manufacturer
- and still counting ...

The state of excellence in R&D, product portfolio and reliable sales and delivery which customers and partners associate with the globally recognized Vitrex brand hasn’t come by itself.

In 1967 Vitrex started production of electrical resistors. An important part of these were glass tubes which were produced in-house, as they still are. It soon became apparent that these tubes were perfect for transportation of liquids in medical products and gradually the production turned more and more towards the medical industry.

Since then we have improved our range and continuously adapted the products to the technologies and demands of the 21st century. A development which has taken capillary tubes from low-tech to high-tech. We have become the largest manufacturer of capillary tubes in the world today by developing equipment, establishing technologies, and optimizing production processes. This is a position we are very proud of having achieved, - and we intend to keep it.

Today, Vitrex Medical A/S also develops and markets lancets and lancing devices, as well as pipettes and complementary products for a variety of segments within the health care sector.

Vitrex Medical A/S is a privately owned company, focused on continuous, organic, growth within medical and laboratory products, directly and through joint development projects with external partners.

Line of Business:
Development, production and sales of disposable articles for the laboratory sector, primarily for in vitro diagnostic use.

Capillary Tubes and Sales of Blood Lancets and associated devices.

Capillary glass tubes, Capillary plastic tubes, Pipetting devices for the above, Accessories to the above, Steel lancets, Plastic molded diabetes lancets with needles, Safety lancets in steel and plastic, Lancing devices.

High quality - Own R&D-department - Competitive prices - High reliability - Very short delivery time - High flexibility - Maximum expertise through specialization

Market Areas:
Europe - USA - South America - South East Asia - Middle East – Africa - Australia