Blood Collection System

New and Higher Standards in the diagnostic laboratory field require an improved performance of the blood collection system.
VACUSENCE Blood Collection Tubes are the answer.

Vitrex VACUSENCE Blood Collection Needles and Accessories are designed to fulfill the requirements of blood collection procedures, patient’s comfort and user’s safety.

Vitrex VACUSENCE Blood Collection Tubes are made of unbreakable PET tube, butyl rubber stopper and polyethylene cap. We offer medical paper labelled tubes and also transparent labelled tubes.

All components of Vitrex VACUSENCE Blood Collection Systems improve patient’s comfort, help safety and realiable test results.

Letter Code Additive
K2E EDTA Dipotassium Salt
K3E EDTA Tripotassium Salt
9NC Trisodium Citrate 9:1
4NC Trisodium Citrate 4:1
FE Sodium Fluoride I EDTA
FX Sodium Fluoride/Potassium Oxalate
LH Lithium Heparin
NH Sodium Heparin
Z None / Clot Activator

VACUSENCE sytem Tube and cap
VACUSENCE Safetyholder
End the VACUSENCE system with a Needle or a Luer adaptor
VACUSENCE the Blood Collection System
1. The Blood
Collection Tube
and the safety cap.

2. The Safety Cap.

3. The Luer
or the blood
collection Needle.

VACUSENCE a complete system