The New version of Steriheel Baby by VITREX

Vitrex® Steriheel Baby
Sterile Cutting Safety lancet

For high volume blood flow with minimum depth of

ACTIVATION BUTTON: Secured by safety tab.

NO CHOCKING HAZARD: Non detachable safety tab.

USER SAFETY: Blade is fully shielded before and after use.

EASIER HANDLING: Anti- slip texture and one hand operation

USER CONVENIENCE: Pre-loaded, button activated design.

PATIENT SAFETY: Single-use only. Sterilised by gamma irridiation.

PATIENT COMFORT: Ultra sharp blade with high speed cutting
securing minimal trauma and fast healing.

NARROWED LANCING SLOT: Easier positioning

APPLICATION: Primarily newborns and preemies. Can also be recommended for other applications where short penetration depth and/or minimal compression of tissue is important.

A new version of Steriheel Baby by VITREX
1. Release the trigger lock mechanism by pushing down the safety tab.

2. Reference position for infant heel blood sampling.
3. Raise the baby’s foot to a suitable position, place the blade slot          flush against the heel site and activate the lancet.

4. Collect the blood sample with a capillary tube.

Do not use if safety tab has previously been activated or if the shield blister packing has been damaged.

Technical Specs.
Color code Description Application Article No.
Green 0.65 mm Depth / 1.40 mm  Incision Length Micro-Preemie 335213
Orange 0.85 mm Depth / 1.75 mm Incision Length Preemie 334213
Yellow 1.00 mm Depth / 2.50 mm Incision Length Newborn 333213
Pink 1.14 mm Depth / 2.80 mm Incision Length Newborn Plus 332213
Blue 2.00 mm Depth / 3.00 mm  Incision Length Toddler 331213
Shelf life 5 years