ULTRASAFE Lancet with a brand new silicone coated needle

Vitrex® Ultrasafe
Sterile Safety lancet

Health workers worldwide face accidental
needle-stick injury while caring for patients, putting themselves at risk to bloodborne illnesses including the AIDS virus and Hepatitis.

Pressure activated

Unique design, ergonomically optimized for better handling

Silicone coated needle for less pain and smooth penetration

European produced high quality needle

Easy targeting of puncture site

Technical Specs.
Colour Code Configuration Article No.
Green 18G / 1.80 mm Incision Length 393413
Orange 21G / 2.20 mm Incision Length 395413
Yellow 26G / 1.80 mm Incision Length 394413
Pink 21G / 2.80 mm Incision Length 396413
Blue 21G / 1.80 mm Incision Length 397413
Purple 28G / 1.80 mm Incision Length 398413

Recommended Use of the ULTRASAFE

1. Carefully twist off the protective cap
- Do NOT pull

2. Select site and press the device firmly against the site to release the lancet.
3. Dispose of safety lancet in a suitable safety container.
4. Collect the blood sample with a capillary tube.
WARNING: Do not use if protective safety cap has previously been removed.
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