Before & after

Before and after
Vitrex® Alcohol Swabs,
and Vitrex Safety

VITREX® Alcohol swabs are an easy and
convenient way to cleanse the skin and help fight
bacteria at the site of application.

Use as an antiseptic skin cleanser before
injections and blood sampling.

Each Alcohol Swab is individually sealed and
disposable for convenience and safety.

Technical Specs.

Description Size Packaging
Article No.
Alcohol Swab 30 x 60 mm 100 pcs 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 520213

VITREX Safety Containers are designed for hospitals and
healthcare institutions for clinical disposal such as lancets,
needles, scalpels, syringes and other types of sharps.

Each type of lid is specially designed to help the user
dispose of needles, syrings, etc.

Lid with reversible closure can be safely fixed.

The Safety Containers are available in all common sizes.

Technical Specs.

Description Size Content Article No.
Safety container 2 cl 4.7 cm x 12.9 cm 0.2 L 193800
Safety container 5 cl 9.0 cm x 10.8 cm 0.5 L 194000