VITREX Pen Needles with a siliconized needle to reduce penetration force

Vitrex Pen Needles

Comfortable injection
premium needle quality and triple beveled tip

Thin wall technology
ensures optimal insulin flow

Siliconized needle
minimizes irritation and reduces penetration forces

fit most commonly used insulin pens

Colour coding
simple identification of different needle lengths

Technical Specs.

Colour Code Specification Article No.
Rose 29G 12 mm 530317
Dark Blue 30G 6 mm 530417
Turquoise 30G 8 mm 530117
Orange 31G 6 mm 530517
Green 31G 8 mm 530617
Peach 32G 4 mm 530217

VITREX Pen Needles fit most common used insulin pens

Recommended use of VITREX pen needles

1. Pull paper tab
off pen needle.

2. Screw needle onto insulin end of pen.
3. Remove outer needle cover.
4. Remove inner needle cover to expose the needle.
5. Your pen is now ready for use
6.Put the outer needle cover back onto the needle.

7.Twist off the needle from the insulin pen.

8.Discard the used pen needle into a sharps container.