Lite III - the Safety Lancet for your safety & comfort

Vitrex Lite III
Sterile Safety lancet

For your safety and patient comfort

Button activation

USER SAFETY needle is fully shielded before
and after use.

USER CONVENIENCE pre-loaded, pressure activated design.

PATIENT COMFORT high quality, ultra sharp tri-bevel needle or bi-bevel blade, high speed penetration.

EFFICACY variety of point configurations and penetration
depths to suit most capillary blood requirements.

APPLICATION blood glucose and other in vitro
diagnostic tests.

PATIENT SAFETY sterile, single-use, unable to be re-used.


Recommended Use for Lite III

1. Twist off the
protective cap.

2. Select fingertip insertion site slightly off centre to minimise any discomfort and maximise blood flow.
Hold the lancet firmly against site and press the release button to activate the device.

3. Gently massage
the finger in the direction of the puncture site to obtain the required volume of blood.

4. Dispose of safety
lancet in a suitable
WARNING: Do not use if protective safety cap has previously been removed.
Technical Specs.

Colour Code Configuration Article No. Application
Green 18G /
1.8 mm Incision Length
393413 Special baby care and maternity units for heel puncture
Purple 28G /
1.8 mm Incision Length
395413 Diabetes clinics/hospital wards for blood glucose monitoring
Yellow 26G /
1.8 mm Incision Length
394413 Diabetes clinics/hospital wards for blood glucose monitoring
Blue 26G /
2.4 mm Incision Length
396413 As above but for thicker adult skin
Orange 21G /
1.8 mm Incision Length
397413 Haemoglobin (blood banks), cholesterol, blood typing, coagulation, blood gas and other diagnostic tests. For paediatrics and most normal adult skin
Pink 28G /
2.4 mm Incision Length
398413 As above but for thicker adult skin