Diabetes - a global challenge

Diabetes - a global challenge

Diabetes is a huge global challenge. There are 415 million people with diabetes worldwide and by 2040 every tenth person is expected to have diabetes. In addition, there are 46,5% of adults who have undiagnosed diabetes.

The most important treatment and prevention of complications are, among other, a good control of blood sugar. It is known from studies that a good diabetes control can prevent or reduce the risk of compli-cations.

An effective treatment helps to make the person live in balance with the disease. And an effective treatment also involves as pleasant treatment as possible.

This our aim in the CTI-Group, to deliver quality healthcare solutions to meet the demand of People both Professionals and individual patients. All people are different, so it requires a carefully selected portfolio of products.

This catalogue shows our latest products that suites every individual, to make the insulin injection procedure and treatment as gentle and accurate as possible. In other words: Advanced Simplicity.